Large truck manufacturers, like Freightliner, are placing a heavy emphasis on truck drivers themselves as one of the most important factors in safe trucking. Smarter trucking systems like on-board tablets designed to record and communicate with factory trained technicians, ergonomically designed cabs and chairs, easy to use gear shifters and transmissions, and virtual technician detecting sensors to notify drivers of problems as soon as they happen, are making trucks, and the road, a safer place. However, many companies are realizing there’s only so much technology can do to improve safety, and that measures need to be taken to ensure the drivers themselves are healthy and making sound decisions. Companies industry wide recognize that healthier drivers sleep better at night, therefore make better decisions during the day, and they know that healthy, stress-free drivers make e for more productive employees.

Truck stops are synonymous with hearty buffets, fast-food chains, and aisles of delicious treats and snacks, but good luck finding a truck stop with a gym, or physical fitness center. Fortunately, some truck manufacturers are catching on, and are starting to emphasize the importance of exercise, and are designing cabs with more room so drivers can do a full-body workout, or fitness routines right from the comfort of their own truck. A huge part of the problem is that working-out, or getting exercise, isn’t accessible, or just seriously inconvenient, and with busy schedules, tight deadlines, and strict logbook regulations, drivers don’t have time to devote to their personal health.

A driver’s health, safety, and habits, can only be improved so much by the company owner, truck manufacturer, and the DOT, and ultimately is up to the driver to make changes toward improving their own health. Only difference now is that it’s getting easier to make those healthier choices with more healthful food options at fast-food restaurants and truck stops, more exercise opportunities, and companies are providing incentives that promote healthier lifestyles for their drivers as well.

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