Why Do Companies Outsource Drayage Services?

Posted by on Thursday, November 3, 2016 in News

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It is common practice for companies to outsource some, if not all of their cargo transportation needs. This is the case even for those that require drayage services, which are the shortest runs any trucker makes. In fact, drayage loads are generally completed within a single work shift, and entail traveling a few miles. This may be the entire trip, or it can also be part of a longer route. But, why companies outsource drayage services when it’s such as short distance? There are actually some very good reasons they do this, including economic considerations, flexibility and improved customer service.

Economic Advantage of Outsourcing Drayage

Perhaps the most important reason that companies cite as their reason for outsourcing drayage is the cost factor. Owning, operating and maintaining tractors for the sole purpose of moving trailers short distances can be cost-prohibitive, especially for smaller companies. The cost of outsourcing drayage, however, is much more economically feasible. In most cases, the shipper and logistics company come to an agreement for a specific number of loads and frequency of service. The cost is generally only a fraction of what it would be if an in-house fleet is used.

Drayage Service Flexibility

Another reason that companies outsource their drayage needs is the flexibility it offers. If a shipper experiences an increase in demand, it is possible to add more trucks and drivers to the mix. Likewise, when demand is lower, the service can be decreased to an acceptable level. This type of flexibility is especially attractive to shippers whose companies experience seasonal changes. What’s more, logistics companies employ drivers with a wide range of experience hauling different types of trailers. That means they can handle flatbeds, dry vans, or tankers with ease.

Top Notch Customer Service

Outsourcing drayage services to a reputable, experienced logistics provider means shippers can offer improved customer service to their own customers. By decreasing costs, and being able to offer more options, they put themselves in a better position in the customer’s eyes. That means they’ll be more likely to keep their current customers satisfied and attract new customers in the future. They also benefit from the industry expertise and knowledge that comes with partnering with a professional logistics provider. This includes such things as obtaining permits and assuring regulatory compliance.

If your company requires short distance hauling, or drayage, consider the benefits of outsourcing to a logistics company you trust. Not only will you realize savings and improved flexibility, but you’ll also receive top-notch customer service. Perhaps most importantly, you will have the opportunity to pass those benefits on to your customers, which will improve your bottom line and ensure your company’s longevity and prosperity.

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