What to Do When You Exceed Load Capacity

Posted by on Thursday, December 15, 2016 in News

Power-only solutions provide industrial equipment companies with secure shipping transport. When goods or equipment are too heavy to move, Power only trucking companies transport shipments that exceed load capacity.

Why Hire a Dedicated Power Only Service?

Dedicated power only transport companies move goods and equipment on schedule, without interference of joint shipments. Fleet owners outsource maximum capacity shipments to dedicated power only trucking services working with third-party (3PL) logistics partners, when in-house tractors cannot deliver.

In-house load analysis of shipments, ensures that goods meet power only criteria for a haul. Licensed and trained drivers with experience at power only truck and trailer navigation, make sure that a load is delivered safely and intact.

What are Power Only Solutions?

Power only carrier fleets are comprised of trucks and trailers meeting weight classification with tri-axle, standard chassis, super chassis, and reefer outfits to carry special goods, and loads that exceed standard capacity at the scales. Companies advertising power only solutions offer operations and logistics capabilities to a client that other similar trucking companies may not be able to supply.

Seek a Power Only Consultation

Leveraged power only transport carriers are the solution to short notice, shipping of heavy loads. Industrial companies consult with a trucking company that offers power only transport or a 3PL provider, to find out if power only solutions are the right choice for a shipment.

When demand surges, power only supplies. Contact a power only transportation company to schedule drayage or a heavy load delivery.

CCC Transportation is a commercial trucking company offering Power Only Solutions to industrial clients.

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