If you’re here, you’ve come to the realization that you need to get goods from point A to point B, but aren’t quite sure how to do so. You’ve seen companies driving around in their own trucks, but that is economically ill-advised if you are a small or medium size business, as recouping on that investment is near impossible.

That’s where private fleet conversion comes into play. Private fleet conversion is an industry term that refers to a trucking company coloring a fleet of their trucks in a business’s colors, but working in a contracted capacity rather than as direct employees of the company. The benefits of doing this are numerous, but we’ll take a look at some important ones to consider.


Understanding the customer service experience that is expected from a trucking company is difficult, even if it doesn’t seem so. Simple things like whether it’s the driver or the personnel at the drop-off location that unloads the trailer can have a significant impact on your customer’s impression of your company. Having been in the business for years, these are areas and considerations that trucking companies are intimately familiar with. By hiring a company for fleet conversion, you benefit from that experience in customer service through tried and true employees that are committed to their jobs.

Knowledge of Regulations

Learning the regulations surrounding the trucking industry is daunting. Becoming familiar with federal regulations alone can occupy months of your time, not even to mention the regulations unique to your home state. Crossing state lines brings in an entirely new set of regulations that must be learned. Private fleet conversion offers you a company at your disposal that is familiar with these regulations and allows you to rest assured that you are following them.

Technological Advantage

Investing in an efficient trucking fleet is more than just buying the trucks themselves and hiring the drivers; you also have to consider the technology that is involved as well. From tracking, to mandatory monitoring devices that some states require, this can provide a significant further expense. That expense is already taken care of when using a private fleet conversion.

These are just a few advantages of many. However, they do provide prospective customers with a glimpse into how private fleet conversion is an economically wise decision for small to medium companies to make. It allows you to maintain profitability since you aren’t spending hundreds of thousands on trucks, thousands on new employees, and thousands on electronics, as all of that has already been done. And you can still get your name and logo out onto the open road—a benefit many think can only be achieved through operating their own private fleet, rather than taking the smarter path and working with an outside company.

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