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Logistics solutions can be overwhelming to figure out and if they’re not handled correctly, the results can be disastrous and expensive. So, taking the time to educate yourself about your options is the best way to ensure sure you don’t make costly mistakes.

One big decision that every business needs to make is whether or not they want to build an in-house fleet and handle all of their own logistics or utilize a 3rd party carrier network that creates and executes a logistics solution for them.

Here are some of the differences between each solution that we’ve uncovered during our 60+ years of experience in logistics.

In-House Solutions

With an in-house logistics system, you have complete control over your logistics handling 24/7, your personnel and your trucks. This can be appealing to a lot of businesses, as control and responsiveness to needs are important and who better to understand your business’s needs than you?

Even though you may know your business’s needs the best, creating an in-house logistics fleet can be a very treacherous process if you don’t have an experienced logistics expert at the helm to manage and adapt to the ever changing technology and systems within the logistics industry.

Unless your business can afford the personnel and overhead to dedicate an entire sector of your business to logistics, we’ve found that businesses of all sizes eventually get overwhelmed with the demands of managing their own in-house logistics.

Your business, your product and your team need your attention and resources. Logistics shouldn’t get in the way of you running your company; it should be the engine that helps take you into the future of your business.

Outsourcing to a Carrier Network

When making the decision to outsource to a carrier network, you have to take some key points into consideration:

  • Experience of the carrier network within your industry
  • Reliability and reputation of the carrier network
  • Strategic locations
  • Opportunity for growth

Logistics is all about creating the most reliable, flexible, safe and efficient means of getting your products to your customers.

So, the carrier network you choose to do business with matters, not only to your short-term needs but also for the long term goals for your business. Make sure that the carrier network you choose can handle the growth you expect to have and is positioned strategically throughout your distribution areas to minimize wait times and costs of transportation.

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