Understanding the Importance of Citrus Shipping

Posted by on Thursday, August 7, 2014 in News

For any business using a transportation service, it’s already incredibly important that you can rely on a trucking company to safely and professionally ship your goods. However, if you are shipping citrus and other produce, it’s even more important for your perishable goods to arrive safely and on time. It’s necessary to follow the many different shipping regulations that citrus and other produce require.

Special Regulations

Citrus itself is different than other types of fruit because there are limits to what states it can be shipped to. Florida, for example, has strict regulations on shipping oranges and other citrus fruits outside of the state. Since Florida has a large citrus fruit market, there are regulations that restrict citrus from being shipped to other citrus producing states. In addition, a federal permit is required to ship citrus as well as the use of a special decontaminant that prevents the spread of citrus canker.

Safe Shipment

Citrus fruit as well as other types need to be shipped in careful conditions in order to properly preserve them. If the packaging used lets plastic touch the fruit, the citrus can sweat and spoil. Also, foam and other padding should be used to prevent bruising. Another important requirement is that refrigeration should be used at the proper level. If using dry ice to keep the produce cool, it is necessary to be careful since it is dangerous if it comes in contact with skin and can contaminate the produce.

Finding the Right Transportation Company

When hiring a transportation company to ship your citrus fruit and other produce, you want to make sure they have all the necessary permits and equipment to properly ship your goods. Produce is time sensitive whereas most other goods are not. A dedicated and knowledgeable fleet is required when it comes shipping citrus and other produce. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us today.

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