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Truck Fleets for Industrial Minerals Transportation

Posted by on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 in Dry Bulk, News

Industrial minerals have a wide variety of uses in electronic, glass, and paint manufacturing, as well as the health care industry and beyond. Buyers of industrial minerals may want huge bulk loads delivered seasonally. These massive loads are ideal for barge and rail transportation. Other buyers, however, may want smaller bulk loads delivered frequently. CCC understands the dynamics of industrial mineral transportation, meeting suppliers’ needs when barges and rails aren’t the best options available.

Truck fleets for bulk industrial minerals transportation may best meet the needs of suppliers due to the following:

Truck Fleets Provide Streamlined & Customizable Options

Unlike ships and trains, truck fleets can deliver industrial minerals anywhere, which eliminates the need for a second form of transportation from drop-point to customer. Streamlining shipments saves time, money, and manpower. Plus, numerous suppliers of industrial minerals derive from smaller mining operations that focus on one product, such as magnesite and talc, making huge transporters unnecessary. Truck fleets are also available year-round, with unlimited transport coverage paths and customizable load sizes.

Truck Fleets Provide Significant Economical Advantages

Streamlining shipments obviously saves time and money, but there are other economical advantages for using truck fleets for transporting bulk minerals. Because dry bulk trailers are very easy to load and unload, small crews can efficiently do all of the work. Smaller crews mean more money in the supplier’s pocket. Short distances also make truck fleets the most economical choice for many industrial mineral suppliers.

Why CCC Transportation?

Boasting many years of experience and dedication to transporting industrial minerals, CCC maintains an enormous fleet of trucks with various trailer sizes that can easily handle suppliers’ needs and demands. We work with suppliers to create the best series of transportation options, and we always provide a very competitive pricing environment so that suppliers get the best rates available.

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