Traveling Smart: 4 Great Apps for the Long Haul

Posted by on Friday, January 10, 2014 in News

As smartphones continue to grow in popularity, so do the number (and quality) of apps made specifically for the trucking industry. And we couldn’t be happier. The efficiency, ease and convenience offered by most of these transportation apps can turn a simple smartphone app into a game changer. Even something as simple as a map with a traffic indicator can make a huge difference, especially when you’re getting paid by the mile.

Here’s an overview of some popular smartphone apps that are helping drivers everywhere deliver the goods safely and efficiently.

  • Beat the Traffic: Like it’s name suggests, Beat the Traffic helps drivers avoid costly slow downs that could jeopardize an on-time delivery. In addition to featuring average speeds and traffic alerts, it allows you to save frequently-used routes – perfect for dedicated drivers!
  • CamScanner: While not a *trucking-specific* app, Camscanner can be super helpful for anyone who needs to keep track of important papers on the go. This app turns your smartphone into a scanner, allowing you to easily record and send receipts from the road back to your employer in a single batch. An invaluable tool for businessmen who aren’t tied to their desks.
  • Fuelbook: Fuelbook is an app put out by Truck Monk that’s available for Apple and Android with the potential to be a huge money saver. It’s a fuel price locator that promises current prices by updating its listings six times per day. Additionally, Fuelbook will show you a list of each service center’s amenities, promotions and parking availability. You can even create a custom fuel code that reflects your fleet’s fuel discounts, showing you which service stations will give you the best savings.
  • BigRoad: BigRoad makes creating clean, accurate travel logs easy. In light of the last year’s new Hours of Service regulations, keeping a meticulous (and inspectable) log is more important than ever. There’s also a “review mode” that roadside inspectors can use as well as BigRoad for fleets, which allows drivers to share their logs with dispatch automatically. Other features include Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR), GPS with live traffic updates and photo and document sharing.

The best part? All of these apps are available for free. So start downloading and start simplifying your life. There are too many miles to cover.

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