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A spotted trailer is trucking-speak for an empty trailer awaiting its load. In most cases, the trailer is dropped off at the shipper’s dock or yard to be loaded at a specific time. Trailer spotting enables warehouses, distribution centers, and trailer yards, to maintain their efficiency and reduce costs, especially when used in conjunction with cross docking, and drayage services. Trailer spotting can be a win-win solution for all involved

  • A shipper can load a spotted trailer immediately, then move it off to another area of the yard where it can serve as additional warehouse space while the next trailer is loaded. Having loaded trailers ready and waiting allows the facility to meet the demands of a just in time delivery order while eliminating storage costs.
  • Factories, when rushing to meet a critical deadline, can route finished products straight off the assembly line and into the waiting trailer.
  • Dropping and hooking, or dropping off one trailer and immediately picking up another, speeds up the process even more. This flexible type of trailer spotting prevents bottlenecks by bringing additional drivers and equipment to the site when efficiency is essential. Many facilities use it in the midst ramped up holiday season schedules or during expanded production cycles of summer.
  • Truckers benefit from trailer spotting because dropping off one trailer as they pick up another translates to shortened down times.

At CCC Transportation, we have power only dedicated fleets for advanced spotting and dray operations, because we know the value of trailer spotting in an efficient supply chain. From. We also maintain a fleet of 350 strategically based dry cement bulk trailers throughout Florida and the entire Southeast, enabling us to comply with customers’ strategic pour schedules and satisfy their need for well-timed deliveries.

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