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We all know time is money, and the benefits of trailer spotting can keep things organized and on track for your business. When you rely on an experienced and talented spotter, leveraging the use of today’s technology, you benefit in many ways. Let’s address the key components of a skilled spotter adding to the efficiency of your operation.

Increase Productivity

If a trailer is loaded and ready to roll and just sitting at the dock waiting for the driver, then it is plugging up your entire system. This causes a chain reaction of delays and stalling that can create a domino effect. It’s a big waste of time – precious time – and it costs you lots of money (more about that later). When loaded trailers are moved off to the side, using an organized method, it frees up dock space to allow for continued workflow and productivity.  An organized system of spotting can move that loaded trailer away from the dock and into a position where the driver can easily hook up and be on his way. That is efficient logistics, at its best.

Improved Safety and Security

A more organized flow within the yard and the loading dock automatically increases the safety of operations. Not only will things operate more smoothly and efficiently, but also the organized procedure adds to predicable operation that adds to safety.

Reduced operational cost

We already identified how a loaded trailer just sitting at the dock can erode profits. When a yard spotter jumps in and moves the loaded trailer to the appropriate location in the yard, the dock space is freed up immediately for the next load. That helps increase profits by improving workflow and saves wasted time and money by keeping the yard as organized as possible. Plus, the use of a “yard mule” to jockey those trailers around has great advantages to saving money. These special little tractors are very powerful and efficient. They us a hydraulic fifth wheel, which allows the driver to raise and lower trailers without leaving the cab, a much more efficient process than utilizing regular trucks.

After reading this, you can see the advantages of using a trailer spotting service to help increase profits for your business. CCC Transportation offers the logistics and spotting services you need.

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