Third-party Logistics: Experience Where It Counts

Posted by on Friday, June 27, 2014 in News

One of the most challenging aspects of any business is logistics. So naturally, finding an inexpensive, efficient solution is a high priority. Some take the leap, buying a fleet of trucks, hiring a pool of drivers, and go it alone. But that expense is a heavy one, and takes years to pay for itself, if it ever does. It’s also completely unfeasible for businesses that only occasionally need a full truck, let alone a fleet.

A solution exists, however, that takes care of that problem while saving money. Partnering with a third-party logistics company allows business owners to utilize experienced drivers. It eliminates the expense of buying trucks, or the feeling that you need to be moving something to make the investment worth it. You don’t even need to know what’s involved in trucking—an industry that has considerable regulations on the books that can be difficult to navigate—as that’s handled by the drivers or their direct employers.

Using third-party trucking has another distinct advantage that may even outshine the financial benefits: By using a third party, you’re able to focus on your business. That is the area you are most familiar with, and the area where you have already proven your expertise.

Another way the third-party logistics can save you money is in insurance and bonding. Most logistics companies carry their own, saving you the hassle of having to acquire them yourself. Should something go wrong during the route, you’re covered.

Finally, third-party logistics provides flexibility. Logistics companies keep many trucks and drivers on staff, so your schedule can usually be accommodated quite easily, making for an experience that you can’t get from having your own set of trucks and drivers. CCC offers all these benefits, with the experience to make sure that your need is fulfilled quickly, efficiently, and within budget.

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