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The Uses And Transportation Of Industrial Sand

Posted by on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 in Dry Bulk, News

While sand is fun to play in and the main component in every beach time castle building quest, it also plays big parts in the industrial industry. From concrete to car parts, sand is present in almost all types of industrial fields.

Average beach sand is composed mostly of tiny grains of silica. The rest is made up of shell fragments, igneous rock, chert, and other bits. The majority of this comes from the back and forth motion of the sea itself, slowly chipping off and smoothing out tiny bits of stone, glass, and animal matter.

However, we are talking about industrial sand. This sand is specially gathered and screened for a specific purity rate. Typically, sands comprised of at least 95% silica are the ideal for industrial applications. And there is certainly no shortage of uses for this pure silica sand.

Metal Casting

Industrial sand plays a huge role in the casting of various metal parts. Everything from car engine blocks to sinks are cast in sand and clay molds. Pure silica sand’s low rate of expansion and high fusion point make it an ideal component to create molds. Additionally, silica’s chemical stability resists reactions with metal binders and catalysts.

Glass Production

Of course, silica is the main component in glass products. Again, silica’s chemical purity makes it an excellent material to create glassware for eating and drinking, as well as for automobiles and buildings. Pulverized silica is also used in the manufacture of glass fiber insulation and reinforcing.

Chemical Manufacture

Silica based chemical compounds can be found in a large number of manufacturing techniques for everyday items such as soap. Industrial sand is the main component in compounds such as sodium silicate, silicon tetrachloride and silicon gels. These compounds go on to facilitate the manufacture of fiber optics, household cleaners, and filtration systems.


And finally, pure silica comprises a vast majority of the ingredients in modern construction materials. Some of these include mortar, stucco, specialty cements, roofing slats, asphalt mixtures, and skid resistant surfaces. The reason for this is that ground silica has exceptional resistance to weathering damage as well as chemical corrosion.

As you can see, sand is a highly important component in many industrial manufacturing and construction fields. It’s important that the transportation of industrial bulk sand is timely and safe. CCC Transportation is one of the leading names in the bulk solids transportation field. Our dedicated fleet has the experience to get the job done in a timely and safe manner. If you would like to know more about the bulk solids our fleet can transport, we welcome you to contact us.

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