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The Importance of Safely Hauling Dry Bulk Materials

Posted by on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 in Dry Bulk, News, Safety

Safety on the roads should be a no brainier for all drivers. This goes double for truckers hauling bulk materials and other goods. Not only would a wreck be a setback in deliveries, it poses the risk of a spill, and some materials are more detrimental to the environment and public than others. While things such as sand and clay are little more than an inconvenience, which will need cleaning up, other materials may be far more volatile and less forgiving.

Slaked lime, quicklime and agricultural lime are all variations of powdered limestone. These products have a huge variety of uses in agriculture, metal smelting and construction. They are one of the many dry bulk materials hauled across the country on a daily basis. Though they are derived from stone, several of these materials can be highly caustic in the right conditions. Quicklime, for example, has a violent chemical reaction upon contact with water. It can quickly reach temperatures of 302 degrees Fahrenheit, igniting all combustible materials around it. If inhaled while reacting, quicklime can cause respiratory irritation and nausea.

Fly ash is another dry bulk substance with many potential uses. It is a by-product of coal-fueled combustion that rises up with the gasses. These extremely fine black particles mostly consist of calcium oxide and silicon dioxide. The rest of its make up depends on the unique composition of the coal at the time of combustion. Though the exact makeup varies, it is well known that fly ash contains trace amounts of heavy metals. Contamination of groundwater sources by fly ash is detrimental to the residential population as well as the environment. Clean ups are costly, complicated and best avoided.

Though not all industrial minerals are casuistic or dangerous, caution should still be exercised when transporting them. At CCC Transportation, we have the expertise to guarantee the utmost safety of our cargo as well as the people around us. We can quickly and safely handle all of your dry bulk transportation needs. Contact us for more in depth information about the services we offer.

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