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If you’re starting a new business or reevaluating your company’s dry bulk transportation needs, it might be time to choose between creating/expanding a private fleet or hiring a dedicated fleet. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, choosing a dedicated partner to handle your supply chain issues makes more sense than ever.

Many factors in transportation (i.e. fuel prices, driver retention, new technology, and governmental regulations) are constantly changing and keeping up with those changes takes time and money. Outsourcing your transportation needs to a qualified carrier brings with it more than just savings.


A dedicated fleet is just that, dedicated to your transportation and logistic needs. Whether large or small, a dedicated fleet can provide the logistical solution to your supply chain issues. And if your business grows or your needs change, a dedicated partner can adapt to fulfill those needs. A dedicated partner has years of experience; let that experience work for you.


Hiring drivers, providing benefits, and maintaining driver resources is not your primary business. Using a dedicated fleet puts that issue squarely on the shoulders of your dedicated carrier and takes it off yours. Let hiring and keeping drivers be your logistics partner’s problem, not yours.


While fuel costs are at record lows, the costs for maintaining and operating a private fleet continue to rise. The capital costs for starting a private fleet may be more than a new business can incur. A dedicated partner can work with you to lower your supply chain costs.

With the transportation landscape constantly changing it may be time to reevaluate what type of fleet works best for you. A dedicated fleet leaves your transportation issues with an experienced partner and allows you to concentrate on your core business needs.

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