Technologies That Improve an Expedited Trailer Service

Posted by on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 in News

trucking tech to improve shipping speed

In the trucking industry, expedited trailer service is expected to be lightning fast and reliable. Businesses heavily depend on these services to complete shipments within tight delivery windows. There’s no room for excuses in this industry. Thankfully, as economic demands have grown and become more challenging, technology has also advanced, offering much-needed solutions to shrinking delivery windows. The following are some of the biggest technical advances in the trucking industry.

TMS Platforms and Onboard Recorders

One of the most important technologies to hit the trucking industry is Transportation Management Software (TMS). TMS platforms integrate onboard recorders, demand forecasts, and other data to give fleet managers insights into past and future routes. Onboard recorders are particularly helpful, as they run real-time diagnostics on the vehicle and notify the truck driver before mechanical failure occurs.

E-Logging Systems

Electronic logging systems have vastly improved log-keeping habits, thus improving efficiency. Prior to this technology, truckers were responsible for recording delivery times and hours manually on paper. Not only was this a tedious process, but it also led to errors and other discrepancies. E-logging systems expedite the process and rule out human error. Furthermore, they assure compliance with tightening hours-of-service regulations.

Self-Driving Trucks

Autonomous trucks are a fairly new technology in the industry that has been receiving a lot of attention. Automation is extremely helpful in decreasing driver fatigue and error. Self-driving trucks hold huge potential as far as reducing accident rates, improving efficiency, and cutting down on gas costs. Additionally, they can travel in a convoy, communicating with one another in real-time. Autonomous trucks still have some testing and licensing to go through before they’re fully deployed, but they’re already cleared to drive on Nevada highways.

Technology has already come so far and is greatly improving the industry for drivers and fleet owners alike. As it continues to advance, it will be exciting to see what other changes are in store for the trucking industry.

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