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Cement dry bulk trailer on the road

Some companies use cement on long-term construction projects, so they elect to store their cement in permanent storage silos. Such permanent storage, however, doesn’t always fit the need for many construction jobs requiring lots of concrete work. Some of the problems affiliated with permanent silos may be avoided with the use of cement storage pigs, also known as guppies and blimps.

No matter how long-term the project may be, many large construction projects are, nevertheless, ultimately temporary. Actual building sites such as those involved with road and bridge building, for instance, move as each section is completed. Each move locates the construction further from the permanent storage of the necessary cement. Portability and availability of the cement may make the difference in meeting deadlines and keeping costs down. Mobile cement storage pigs solve that problem with the ability to move with the project, thus saving time and money of returning constantly to the permanent storage site to replenish needed materials. Our company employs 20 cement storage pigs, so we can always provide up-to-the minute delivery of your cement needs.

Keeping cement dry may be the one of the most challenging issues to overcome when using a permanent silo. Permanent cement storage silos may degrade over time causing cracks or settling, allowing seepage or humid air to enter. Even a small trace of moisture can create large problems in cement flow. At CCC Transportation, we maintain our cement pigs on a constant basis, always inspecting for any defects or equipment malfunction which could cause a less than satisfactory delivery of the cement ordered.

Ease of loading and unloading the product remains an important factor in cement use. Overused or poorly maintained equipment or under-trained staff can lead to blockage, caking or clogging of hoses and delays in work. We use the latest, up-to-date equipment and well-maintained equipment. Our drivers and employees not only receive the maximum amount of training in safety and transport issues, they also gain superior knowledge of cement properties and methods of handling it.

If you are looking for a superior way to handle your cement storage and delivery needs, then look no further. We are here to help.

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