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Slag Transportation for Your Next Project

Posted by on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 in Dry Bulk, News

slag transportation in dry bulk trailer from ccc trans

Slag is used in interstate transportation infrastructure construction. A Florida I-95 project was constructed with 60% slag cement due to its superior performance and strength. Normally, the percentage of slag used in Florida paving jobs until the I-95 project was 50% composition. However, the I-95 project proved to be successful, even when the temperatures dipped in Florida during the winter. Slag cement is popular in Florida, with a minimum of 50% being used in state projects.

Mike Bergin of the Florida Department of Transportation stated:

“Our current specification (Section 346) allows for a 50 to 70 % replacement, providing a substantial heat reduction during the hydration process as concrete is curing…the concrete still gains adequate strength for early form removal and does not generate excessive heat, which generally initiates cracking”

Slag cement is desirable from the environmental standpoint. Since it is an iron manufacturing by-product, there is less environmental impact as fewer fossil fuels are needed for its production. It lowers the carbon footprint. It provides strength and durability for pavements, as well as environmental benefits. Concrete containing slag develops strength and better durability over time. This recycled product becomes part of high-performance concrete.  Besides transportation applications, slag cement is also used in foundations, dams, retaining walls, waste-water applications, and high-rise structures. It can also be used in hazardous waste solidification.

If slag transportation is necessary in your industry for your current or future projects, we can deliver it to your site. We focus on safe, cost-effective transportation solutions. Contact us and we will develop a proposal custom-made for your needs.

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