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Crushed, pelletized, or lump lime is rarely handled in bags due to the large particle size. Therefore, most quicklime is shipped in bulk. The convenience of using trucks for lime transportation has allowed for transport on US highways, replacing railroads as the primary carrier. Trucks that transport bulk lime typically use pneumatic tank carriers that provide an enclosed container. Moreover, it provides a safe handling system that prevents the operator from having direct contact with the product.

Quicklime can be altered by exposure to air, humidity, or moisture. Air-slaked lime is considered perishable and should not be stored in bags in excess of three months. To protect quicklime from moisture during transport, the storage containers should be airtight and watertight.

The delivery process of bulk lime must be carefully planned out so that the delivery trucks are able to discharge the lime at an appropriate rate into storage bins. The transfer of the lime should be done with waterproof equipment and all equipment cleaned and dried prior to use. Further, when lime is delivered in bags, the bags should be labelled, stacked, and wrapped on pallets.

The process of transporting bulk lime can be tricky, but that is where we step in. The experts at CCC Transportation are trained to get the job done safely and efficiently. For more information on how we can meet your bulk lime transportation needs, contact us today.

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