Riding Safe: Recent Innovations in Semi-Truck Safety Technology

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Innovations in semi-truck safety technology have made today’s trucks safer than ever. Advanced technology has allowed fleet companies like CCC to take a proactive stand on semi-truck accident prevention, keeping fleet drivers and their fellow highway travelers on course and safely on schedule. The type of technology currently being used by passenger and car manufacturers across the world has been successfully adapted to work on semi trucks (with some vehicle-specific additions added to the line-up). According to IIHS, current accident prevention technology has reduced fatal crashes in the U.S. by 49%.

Cutting Edge Safety Equipment for Semi-Trucks

The Bendix Wingman

The Bendix Wingman is an active cruise combined with object alert and automatic braking system. Bendix designed this technology in an effort to reduce front-end and side collisions using adaptive cruising technology. The system works using an active cruise with braking (ACB) system that alerts the driver when cruising distance to another vehicle or object becomes too close. If the system detects a dangerously close distance, the brake system becomes engaged, automatically slowing down or stopping the semi truck, effectively preventing collision.

The VORAD Collision Warning System

This system uses forward and side radar systems to detect movement and presence of vehicles around the semi-truck. If the system determines an object has crossed the safe distance threshold of the semi-truck, the alert system warns the truck driver both visually and audibly. The system also monitors onboard parameters of the vehicle-to-truck ratio, truck control systems and speed and turn rate. In addition, the VORAD system continually records events and instrument readings until the unit senses an accident has occurred. In the event of an accident, the information stored on the VORAD system can be used to determine what events occurred leading up to the accident.

Rollover and Jackknife Prevention Systems

This system compiles data gathered from the steering and braking systems to determine if a maneuver could possibly cause a rollover or trailer jackknife. Before a potential rollover or jackknife occurs, the system can automatically apply the braking system, using a specific pattern determined from real time data gathered from the system.

CCC’s number-one priority is our fleet member safety. We utilize the most advanced and innovative technology to ensure our trucks are the safest on the road. For more information, please contact us.

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