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Recycling Fly Ash and Its Many Uses

Posted by on Wednesday, November 11, 2015 in Dry Bulk, News

dry bulk trailer on the road hauling fly ash

Coal-fired electric and steam generating plants produce fly ash as a by-product that is highly recyclable. It is a substance that results when coal is blown or pulverized into the boiler’s combustion chamber. Once the coal is exposed to the excessive heat it quickly ignites, burns at high temperatures and turns to a molten residue. As the burnt coal residue cools it is referred to as fly ash.

Recycling fly ash has become a common practice around the world. The fly ash is gathered for use as a key component in the manufacturing of a variety of products such as grouts, asphalt filler, structural fill, concrete, as a soil and road base stabilization additive and for structural fill. When used as an additive in concrete, fly ash successfully replaces costly portland cement. Fly ash makes the concrete harder, exceptionally durable and provides longer life to the structure.

Fly ash is exceptionally fine and must be collected and transported to silos and bulk storage facilities with the utmost care to keep it from becoming airborne or entering waterways. Prior to December 19, 2014, fly ash held the classification of being a hazardous substance, but the Environmental Protection Agency lifted that classification making it easier to transport and recycle the substance. Nowadays, fly ash transportation usually entails hauling the fine, powdery substance in pneumatic dry bulk trailers.

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