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Every great trucker knows that quality service needs to be delivered every run. The passion behind doing a job well is what makes a dedicated fleet service from a 3rd party logistics provider so attractive to many businesses. What does it look like to enact a quality transportation system designed for dry bulk trucking? This article will show you how the passion and drive for shipping drives our fleets to provide the innovative and quality solutions which made our parent company one of the best places to work in Polk County.

Commitment to Delivery

The main industry using dry bulk tank shipping services is the concrete industry. Those inside construction, engineering, farming, and many other industries understand the need for on-time cement delivery and shipping of sand, and gravel to a construction site. Without these ingredients, concrete production is impossible. With them, construction will go on as scheduled. A shipping company dedicated to the deliver of dry bulk products as promised often makes the difference between a project going according to schedule and a project which falls behind.

Specialized Services

Business relationships grow when a service provider is flexible enough to offer everything their customer needs. For bulk trucking, this means that the shipping provider has the capability of providing more than simple cement shipping. From back hauling slag to a construction site to offering storage facilities, the dry bulk shipping team needs to be flexible to properly serve their customer’s needs.

Additional specialized services include the capability to handle a customer’s needs for different product. From arranging liquid shipping in the case there is no access to a water supply for concrete mixing, to flatbed shipping of other supplies, a good trucking relationship provides more than just dry bulk shipping to their customers.

Products Included

Cement storage products and dedicated fleets make up the infrastructure available to ensure quality trucking for your business’s needs. Onsite cement storage facilities provide businesses the following significant benefits:

  • Dry Storage – Cement plus water is a royal mess if you are not ready to create concrete at your construction site. Portable storage will keep cement dry in the rainy nights so that you can ship larger quantities of cement to the site, saving on shipping costs.
  • Shipping Costs – With dry storage on location, construction companies do not have to ship loads with less than the fullest amount the truck is designed for.
  • Planning Variations – In planning a construction job, concrete causes some of the greatest issues. If it is too hot outside, the pour will solidify before it is properly worked, if it is raining or windy, the quality of the finish will be negatively affected. With storage on site, the cement will be ready for mixing whenever the weather is ideal. This prevents the need to manage shipping arrangements as well as pouring arrangements.

Part of Larger Systems

Dry bulk products are rarely the only products a company needs shipped with regularity. Flatbed fleets for lumber and metal, dry vans for sheet rock and insulation, the possible shipping needs a company will incur in the course of a job are significant. The multiple types of fleets need experienced dispatchers and a carrier network that has the capability to provide specialized services no matter your needs.

A great logistics arrangement will understand the uses of concrete as part of a larger construction project and provide the quality systems to manage each aspect of the build. The right trailers at the right time make the difference between successful projects and problem plagued ones.

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