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A business entity, whether a construction firm dealing with tons of cement or a retail firm needing on time deliveries, requires a mode of product transportation provided by trustworthy professionals that can provide optimal customer service. A business can simplify their operations by utilizing a third party logistics company’s dedicated fleet service. The drivers of these outsourced fleets know how important professionalism is to customer satisfaction. Here are a few examples where a dedicated fleet of professionals can impact your business.

  • Managing a fleet of trucks, personnel, inspections, and maintenance can take a lot of your company’s time, which could be better spent creating a quality line of products and increasing the current client base. This management can be easily outsourced through use of an dedicated fleet provider that keeps vehicles ready and on the road. This frees up a company to concentrate on building new revenue streams and building customer loyalty and trust.
  • Costs involved in managing a private fleet can incur liabilities, legally, and demand additional attention. These costs are eliminated as a full time professional crew follows all safety regulations and defensive driving techniques to prevent issues. The company contracting for this service is largely immune from these issues.
  • Training costs, especially for new personnel, can become an expense that does not begin to be paid off for weeks, if not months, as apprenticeship and mentoring is part of a professional training program.
  • The organization that hires the services of a dedicated fleet company can expect fully trained personnel, each and every day. A professional crew will be trained in all state of the art trucks, delivery systems and load requirements. The third party logistics provider is supplying the vehicles, training the personnel and completing each day’s pick-ups and deliveries so their client has issue free scheduling and satisfaction.
  • Back hauls, one of the lifebloods of a professional dry van transportation program, are not easily obtained, yet are critical to reducing wasted time and money. Ensuring that back hauls are scheduled as much as possible can make the cost of utilizing a 3PL easier to handle, especially for companies that need this service on a day-to-day basis.
  • Seasonal deliveries will make the management of an in house fleet even more cumbersome; having to hire new personnel for this temporary work. A professionally trained, full time crew is always available while utilizing a dedicated fleet logistics company.

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