Pigs, Our Secret Cement Weapon

Posted by on Thursday, October 10, 2013 in News

As we said in our last blog post, cement is the cornerstone of our company. But as some of you might know, getting the cement to the build site is only the beginning. What happens to the tons of cement once it’s delivered?

We pump it into PIGS.

No relation to the bacon-bestowing variety (aside from the vague physical resemblance that gives them their name), cement pigs are the portable cement storage solution for high volume construction projects. PIGS are like cement silos turned on their side and use pneumatic hoses to transfer dry bulk cement in and out of the storage container. We have 20 PIGS in our arsenal – more than most trucking companies. We offer flexible short and long-term leases so that our customers can get the job done.

PIGS offer several major benefits. Not only are they more mobile than cement silos, but they have a much higher carrying capacity as well. The average upright cement silo holds between 20-80 tons, while one of our cement PIG can take on 130-140 tons of cement. Maximum capacity and portability make PIGS ideal for high volume jobs like repaving an airport runway or building an interstate bridge. Cement silos are better suited for smaller and more complex projects (like a building, for instance) that progress at a slow enough rate that having such a high storage capacity just isn’t necessary.

For the last 40 years, PIGS have been an integral part of some of our most impressive construction jobs. Until we find a better way to store 280,000 lbs. of cement in one place, they’ll continue to be fundamental to our business.

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