Dedicated Fleets

a Dedicated dry bulk driver and truck

If your company deals with seasonal sales surges or volume fluctuations, hiring a dedicated carrier and 3PL can provide the flexibility in fleet sizing you need to overcome changes in demand. There are many benefits to outsourcing your seasonal surges to a dedicated carrier:

Flexible To Volume Fluctuations

By outsourcing your fluctuating volume, your business will have access to trucks and drivers with capital expenditures. No need to hire drivers or purchase vehicles just for your seasonal needs. CCC offers dedicated services for terms as short as 14 days, allowing you to secure guaranteed capacity for short runs.

Help With More Than Transportation Needs

Season and volume surges create more than just transportation issues. A seasoned 3PL can provide warehousing, logistics management, routing and carrier guidance alongside years of experience in solving logistical challenges. Utilizing an outside supply chain specialist during surges allows you to concentrate on your core business needs during these high volume periods.

No Long-Term Costs Obligations

Operating a private fleet during normal volume is challenging enough. Letting a 3PL assist you with your volume surges allows you to maintain cost viability in both the short and long term. You can outsource all or part of your seasonal surge and know when the surge is over, your costs will return to pre-surge levels.

If your company deals with seasonal or volume fluctuations, outsourcing during this time is a safe bet. CCC can provide the fleet for your transportation needs, logistics support and the customer service your customers demand. Contact us about a solution to your seasonal and volume surge needs.

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