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Small to mid-sized payloads run anywhere from 250 to 25,000 pounds, but there is an increasing demand for ultra-high payload fleets, transporting payloads from 50,500 to a maximum of 80,000 pounds. The demand is fueled by industries reliant on high-density materials and the need to minimize fuel expenses.

There are many details that go into coordinating safe, efficient and reliable dry van logistics. Here are five ways to maximize your payload and minimize the impact to your bottom line:

  1. Federal and State regulations require exact accounting for shipment size, packaging, fragility, temperature control, origin-destination patterns, and delivery time. Quality logistics provides comprehensive coverage of all TS&W regulations.
  2. The fewer the stops, the better. When you truck with CCC, our logistics support helps you to streamline your transport needs by product and destination. Stops and starts get more expensive with heavier payloads, loading and unloading directly from dock to warehouse is not only easier on your budget, but also much safer for your materials.
  3. Consider the infrastructure of terminals along route options, between origin and destination, to help find the shortest distance between two points. At CCC, we have the capability to effectively manage your freight from origin to final destination.
  4. Most trucks operate below maximum GVW (gross vehicle weight), because most of the goods transported via freight trucking are low-density materials. On the other hand, trucks and trailers with ultra-high payloads “weight out” 80% of the time. When you operate in high-density materials, you need to work with a transport company that can assure you will not pay for delays due to being over GVW limits.
  5. Find the most efficient combination of weight to trailers, plus time and distance. The calculus of ultra-high payload transport can be daunting – but must be thoroughly understood. Ask yourself these questions: what is the minimum amount of material that I need transported, and how quickly? How can I minimize the amount of necessary stops with the same payload?

The most important and valuable action to take is to contact CCC Transportation today. Our dry van freight logistics will get your products and materials on the road and to their destination as safely and efficiently as possible. We understand your expectations and can meet all your transport requirements.

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