Mark BostickIn order to properly deliberate and implement monetary policies, The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta needs to effectively monitor the economic life signs of the Southeastern United States. Atlanta is one of 12 federal reserves providing information used by the National Federal Reserve System to adjust interest rates and make other changes to national economic policies. A very vital signal comes from the trade and transportation sectors.

To help take the pulse of these critical industry sectors in the Sixth District (AL, FL, GA, LA, MS, TN), The Federal Reserve of Atlanta has invited Mark Bostick to join the Trade and Transportation Advisory Council. As CEO of Comcar, Mark is the ideal executive to provide the insights and industry knowledge needed to effectively gauge market trend.  The logistics and transportation family of companies under Comcar operate within a plethora of directly related industries and markets found in the Southeast.

As a former Director of Purchasing for CCC Transportation, Mark is intimately aware of the business landscape in Florida, Georgia and surrounding states, but also has the ability to decipher what is unique, and what is indicative of the larger national trends. The diversity of trade and transportation found in the Southeast is a great model for what the United States looks like on a macroeconomic level. With his private sector input, and that of the other 8-16 council members, Mark will be instrumental in providing the positive and negative indicators needed by The Federal Reserve of Atlanta to make the appropriate assessment of the regions economic status, potential, and needs.

Everyone here at CCC Transportation is excited to see Mark rise to such an important calling. Having a CEO of this caliber is what makes Comcar, and CCC Transportation, such a successful business.

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