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Lime Transportation and Its Many Uses

Posted by on Wednesday, November 4, 2015 in Dry Bulk, News

Dry bulk truck on florida highway

In the state of Florida, limestone is widely mined and transported via the state’s highways and interstates. Lime is created through processing burnt (calcined) limestone. Once processed, the lime is used in the creation of cement, mortar, dry bleaches, dyes, leather, gold, lawn neutralizers, garden additives, plaster, stucco, toothpaste, sugar, paper, steel production and glass manufacture. Community services use large amounts of lime to treat sewage and wastewater at facilities across the nation.

Bulk quicklime and bulk hydrated lime are generally transported in pneumatic trucks. The trucks feature specialized equipment that allows the lime to be safely and efficiently blown into the silo when the truck and lime product reaches its destination. Slurred lime is also unloaded using specialized equipment that pumps the slurry from the truck into its destination holding tanks. Bagged lime is shipped via a flatbed truck.

Lime transportation requires a knowledgeable, skilled, professional transport company with seasoned drivers because of the substance’s extremely caustic nature. The utmost care must always be taken when handling and moving lime. Lime in its dry form is also highly reactive to water. When transported as slurry, lime must also be constantly agitated. At CCC Transportation, LLC. we are ready to meet all of your lime transportation needs. We have a fleet of 550 dry bulk trailers. We handle payloads of more than 50,500 lbs. We are ready to transport to all types of locations and facilities such as water treatment plants, below ground storage, electric generating plants, and soil stabilization projects. We also transport a wide array of other industrial minerals.

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