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Industrial Sand From Start to Finish

Posted by on Friday, April 24, 2015 in Dry Bulk, News

You won’t find industrial grade sand kicking around at the local playground or baseball field. Instead, industrial sand is carefully selected and harvested for specific uses such as filtration, casting, construction, oil and gas reclamation, and more.

Properties Of Industrial Sand

So, what sets industrial sand apart from, say, the kind you can find at the beach? First of all, industrial sand is chosen for its purity. Sand with a rating of at least 95% sure silica is preferred. This is because silica is chemically inert, hard, and has a high melting point. These traits are necessary when choosing sand which is destined to cast metal or other items.

The Life Cycle Of Industrial Sand

  • Sand with an acceptable purity rating can be either mined from beaches, dredged from the ocean floor, or harvested via an open pit mine. Next, the raw gathered sand is sent to the mill where it’s mixed with water to produce slurry.
  • This slurry is passed through a large screen to filter out any large contaminants such as lumps of clay, rocks, sticks, and other foreign material. The mixture will pass through a series of smaller screens to help sift out additional smaller contaminants.
  • The coarsest sand is sent through a log washer which will strip away any remaining clay or soil. The intermittent and fine sands are washed and then go on to be mixed with each other or with varying gravel types to achieve different aggregate mixes.
  • And finally, some sands are even sent through a crushing system, which will break the sand particles into bits too small to occur naturally.

Once the sand has been cleaned, processed, and sorted, it goes on to be transported to a variety of end-use markets. These can include concrete mixes, paints, metal casting, glass making, water filtration, chemical manufacturing, and more. If you would like to know more about the transport of industrial minerals, we invite you to contact us.

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