Increasing Port Efficiency Through Drayage Technology

Posted by on Friday, September 9, 2016 in Logistics, News

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It seems hard to believe that a simple smartphone application can assist in port drayage efficiency, but that is exactly what is happening in Oakland, California. This port is extremely busy, and to lessen the chaos, and confusion for a drayage driver becomes a boon to not only the driver, but also the harbor, and the companies that require the material.

According to an article on JOC.com, this simple application called DrayQ is being used by anyone in relation to dispatching and driving for this harbor. It allows the user to obtain real-time and historical data for planning his pick-up and/or delivery times, and due to the improvements in conjunction with this application, it is becoming increasingly in demand from coast to coast.

The severe congestion, cargo surges, and chassis shortages at the container ports on each coast tend to cause truck waiting times to exceed two or more hours on busy days. By applying the data in real-time operation, the truck visit times are less, and problematic areas are more easily avoided.

In this article, the following example was given:

historical data on truck visits each day in the lines outside the gate, within the terminals, at chassis pits, at trouble windows, and at exit gates can be used by truckers and terminals to determine where and at what times of the day delays are most likely to occur. The terminals and truckers can then develop measures to mitigate what until now have been considered redundant, unavoidable problems.

It’s probable that the technologies developed for the shipping industry are going to become a very fast growing factor for efficiency in all aspects of retrieving and delivering procedures. Time is an important element for the shipping business, and this tool will benefit and assist in revolutionizing the entire construction.

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