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All shipments are time sensitive, but when a shipment is particularly critical and time is of the essence, expedited trailer service is the answer. When you order expedited trailer service, available drivers are immediately notified and will make sure that your shipment gets on the road as quickly as possible. Any time, day or night.

Two types of expedited service is available: expedited dry bulk and expedited dry van trucking. Which one you will use depends on what type of product you are moving.

Expedited dry bulk trucking involves the shipping of large quantities of dry, loose material. Materials include dry cement, clay, fly ash, sand, gravel, slag and lime. Construction project requirements can vary with scheduling, weather and demands, but with expedited trailer service we can deliver your bulk dry products as required, resulting in fewer project delays.

Expedited high-capacity dry van trucks can carry a wider variety of products than bulk vehicles. Products that need to be kept out of the weather, but do not expire or might be affected by variations in temperature such as dry goods and construction materials and equipment are a good fit for expedited dry van trucking. Additionally, companies such as CCC Transportation, offer tracking on your shipment via their Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system so that you are always informed regarding the movement and ultimate delivery of your products. Having the specific answers to, “When is my product arriving?” allows you to provide excellent customer service to your customers.

When you find yourself in a tough spot and time is ticking away, expedited trailer service is the solution.

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