How Small Businesses Partner with Carriers

Posted by on Friday, September 16, 2016 in Logistics, News

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Larger companies very often rely upon their own private fleet and supplement their needs by outsourcing to a carrier. This allows them to keep costs low and assure that there are ample vehicles available when they are needed. But for small and medium-size businesses, it can be difficult to secure adequate transportation services at a reasonable rate. For these businesses, it is wise to partner with a company that is part of a nationwide carrier network for three distinct reasons.

Cost Advantage

When a carrier is associated with a nationwide network, it is able to offer much lower rates to customers than those that are not. The reason for this is that they are able to access the fleets, drivers and other resources of the network without actually owning, or investing in them. Larger players in the network help bridge the gap in the smaller member’s fleets, thus allowing them to serve more customers. This in turn brings prices down for the shipper, and ultimately the consumer or end-user.

Wider Distribution

Working with a small, local trucking company may sound like a great idea because it helps he local economy. However, they are often only capable of handling short haul loads, meaning anything you need shipped further than a couple hundred miles needs to go through a long haul carrier. Smaller trucking companies that are part of a larger network, however, can provide services across the city, across the state, and across the country by simply relying upon its partners.

Logistics Expertise

Perhaps the biggest advantage of partnering with a nationwide carrier network is the combined expertise they bring to the table. Whether you’re shipping bulk clay, slag, cement or lime, one or more of the network members will have the experience required to transport your cargo safely. What’s more, they’ll have access to the latest technology to track cargo in transit and they’ll provide you with the information you need to make sound logistics decisions.

Whether your company is well-established, or brand-new, it’s imperative that your logistics provider can provide you with all the services you need at a price you can afford. Rather than relying on a stand-alone carrier, consider the cost savings, distribution range and expertise that a nationwide carrier network offers. When you partner with one of these carriers, you’re effectively hiring all the members of the network, thus increasing your supply chain efficiency and ultimately your profits.

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