FAST Act and the Effect on Southeast Linehauls

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CCC dry van and dry bulk trucks operating in the southeast

America’s infrastructure, especially road and bridge conditions, is a subject people have been talking about and rallying around for a while now. Safety on southeast linehauls is always a top priority for respected transportation companies. If you move freight, require shipping services or work in the trucking industry, having the FAST Act legislation signed into effect signals a commitment of increased resources to improving the nation’s state of transportation safety.

What is the FAST Act?

The U.S. Department of Transportation summarizes the recently enacted “Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act,” popularly known and referred to as the “FAST Act” as: “the first law enacted in over ten years that provides long-term funding certainty for surface transportation, meaning States and local governments can move forward with critical transportation projects, like new highways and transit lines, with the confidence that they will have a Federal partner over the long term.”

How does the FAST Act affect southeast linehauls in the short term?

As the third most populous state in the country, well-traveled southern linehaul routes into Florida and across the southeast region create the need for increased road and bridge maintenance. It’s equally as important to have a measure of safety for the shippers you trust your loads with. For freight brokers and everyone responsible for arranging shipments, the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) offered a quick method for assessing a carrier’s safety on the road.

Before the FAST Act, CSA (Compliance, Safety, and Accountability) scores were publicly posted for review on the agency’s website. You could go to their website and easily find measures of shipping safety for carriers around concerns including vehicle maintenance, driver safety, and controlled substances. To easily understand how these FMSCA safety measure ratings work, you can review CCC Transportation’s previous article, “Learn Why CSA Metrics Are Important.”

Still driven by safety.

Almost immediately after the FAST Act was signed, the safety scores were removed from public view as the FMCSA works to improve the CSA ratings system. CCC Transportation’s passionate core values of safe behavior both with drivers and truck performance drives our culture. As we celebrate needed improvements on our roads and bridges, consumers can still easily see where safety ranks across carriers on our safety page.

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