Dry Van Trucking – Pride in Timeliness and Safety

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When you have a history of pride in what you do in your business, especially dry van trucking, timeliness and safety become endemic. All truly dedicated trucker understands they carry a great responsibility on their shoulders – to deliver the load safely and on time. It’s this commitment to personal responsibility on the part of each employee that makes a company great. When a company strives to foster and enrich that ideal, safety and timeliness organically become their hallmark.

ccc_2013_0280Without dry van trucking in this country, commerce stops. Getting goods like groceries, home improvement supplies and other life essentials where they need to be safely and efficiently is an integral part of our society’s success. When you run your own dry van trucking fleet in addition to your core business, there is more potential for that essential function to break down and not run as efficiently as it could. When that happens, it’s detrimental across the board: you, your customers and your suppliers all suffer. Contracting an experienced dry van trucking company whose only function is logistics may be just the thing for your company.

A decent dry van hauler makes sure their trucks are in decent condition, their drivers are adequate and doesn’t schedule deliveries close together. A GREAT dry van trucking company makes sure their equipment is superior, their drivers among the best of the best and avoids all risk of schedule conflicts. Above all, they operate under the belief that keeping a good customer happy at all costs is much better than having to continually seek out new ones. This kind of attention to the business at hand is the foundation of a solid, self-aware trucking company. But that doesn’t mean a lack of nimbleness. With EDI capability, loads can be dispatched quickly and efficiently to customer specifications.

There are far too many companies out there that cut corners, turn a blind eye to actual or impending safety issues and cut costs in order to make a short-term profit. Those are the companies to stay away from and who weed themselves out in the long-term. Your business deserves a carrier that looks to the future with the wisdom of the past. That pride we foster has worked well and our culture has bred a team from the top down that works together to get your product to its destination safely and on time.

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