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Dry Van Solutions – Why They Aren’t All the Same

Posted by on Thursday, March 17, 2016 in Dry Van, News

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Dry van trucking is one of the most common types of transport for non-perishable goods on the road. This is because of its simplicity and flexibility. A dry van is basically just a freight car on wheels that gets your dry goods from here to there. They’re not temperature controlled so they can’t carry anything perishable, but they’re affordable, efficient and get the job done. Even though most dry vans themselves are the same, the routes they drive on and the companies they drive for are not.

Whether this is your first time hiring a dry van provider or need to fill a short term gap in your logistics, here’s what you need to know about choosing the right dry van solution for your business.


Whenever you’re hiring a logistics provider, even for short-term contracts, you want to be confident that they can handle your shipments nationwide 24/7/365.

This means working with a provider that’s large enough to ensure that they have room for your shipments every time you need them.

This is especially important when you’re experiencing a fluctuation in your business and need a dry van on the fly. If your provider doesn’t have the capacity to ensure that your goods always have space on their trucks, you could find yourself left out in the cold when you need them the most.


When you give your goods to a logistics provider, your business is in their hands. If they lose your goods or make a mistake, your bottom line will suffer.

Make sure that anyone who says they can handle your shipments has the confidence to also be transparent. Any modern 3PL company should have the capability of real time satellite tracking and on-demand metrics so that you can always stay on top of their performance.

Customer Service

Even if your 3PL is delivering your goods on time, if you can’t get anyone to answer the phone when you call or if your emails go unanswered, then they’re not doing their jobs.

The cornerstones of logistics are prioritization and organization. If your 3PL doesn’t prioritize your concerns or aren’t organized enough to manage customer service as well as executing logistics plans, then they don’t deserve your business.

Make sure that any 3PL you do business with can handle your relationship properly as well as your goods.

Even though dry van trucking is simple, logistics solutions are inherently complex and need to be handled with great care. By using the above points as a starting point for choosing the right logistics provider, you’ll be a step ahead of the competition and will make better decisions for your business.

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