The dry bulk trucking industry is getting a nice assist from new innovations in tires. Michelin and Toyo introduced new SmartWay-verified tire design at the 2014 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS).

As many know, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced the SmartWay program in 2004. It’s a voluntary, public-private partnership between state and federal agencies, trucking companies, rail carriers, and various other stakeholders along the entire supply chain. The aim is to increase fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by way of innovations in process and products.

Truck and trailer tires play an important role in fuel efficiency and sustainable transportation. (We’ve written about that before, too.) This is why we’re excited to see new tire technology given the SmartWay stamp of approval.

Michelin’s new wide-base X One Line Energy T line-haul trailer tire is designed with solid shoulders and microsipes to reduce irregular wear and add removal mileage.

Michelin also introduced the X One Line Energy T Pre-Mold Retread at MATS. This new design comes with a 13/32-inch tread depth that boasts a 15% improvement in removal mileage over the X One Line Energy T casing.

According to Michelin, fleets who have switched to the X One tires have improved fuel efficiency by up to 10 percent. They’ve also reported weight savings of more than 740 pounds per truck. Weight savings allow trucks to carry more freight, which increases revenue and freight efficiency. Overall, fleets have saved more than 150 million gallons of fuel and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 1.5 million metric tons.

Toyo has also introduced new SmartWay-verified tire technology. Its new medium-duty tires include the M177 regional and long-haul steer tire, the M170 regional steer tire, and the M920 drive traction tire for regional and long-haul use. All have been engineered with Toyo’s e-balance technology that improves the life of the tire, endurance, and retreadability. It also is designed to minimize rolling resistance and irregular wear and boost fuel efficiency.

We’re excited about these new developments and anticipate even more to come. As a SmartWay Transport Partner, CCC is committed to sustainable trucking. It’s better for our clients; it’s better for our communities.

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