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Drayage is a vital part of the shipping industry, effectively bridging the gap between the massive shipping processes of cargo ships and freight trains with short-haul trucking. When used as a part of intermodal shipping, it boasts many advantages over traditional long-haul trucking and other transportation venues.


Shipping ports are extremely busy places, and it is not possible for every company that uses the port to have an on-site presence. Port warehousing can be extremely expensive and often face issues with traffic congestion. Drayage is used to remove materials from the port to off-site warehouses, decreasing congestion and allowing loading/off-loading activities to continue smoothly. Drayage is also helpful when, due to space issues, cargo needs to be moved to alternate warehousing locations.

Cost savings

In long-distance transportation operations, the efficiency and speed of freight trains and cargo ships beats out long-haul trucking hands-down, especially with very large, difficult, or heavy cargo. However, drayage trucks can move any cargo short distances overland cheaply compared to utilizing only receiving ports and warehouses along major rail lines or waterways.

Safety and Security

Professional freight handlers are extensively trained in safe cargo-handling processes, no matter the size, shape or fragility of the load. Federal rules and regulations stipulate stringent precautions to protect and verify the security of all cargos. Drayage is also carried out over a single shift, greatly decreasing the possibility of the type of mistakes that can occur in longer hauls due to driver fatigue.

Driver Satisfaction

While traditional long-haul trucking remains vital to the life line of the American economy, it can be difficult for some drivers to maintain, especially those with families. Drayage routes generally guarantee that drivers will be home every night, allowing them the rest and family interaction a happy, healthy individual needs.

Whatever your cargo, there are many innovative transportation solutions. Drayage is just one of the many steps to delivering your cargo anywhere in the world.

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