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Delivering and Storing Dry Bulk With Cement Storage Pigs

Posted by on Thursday, January 28, 2016 in Dry Bulk, News

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Two questions with one answer: What are the dry ingredients for concrete manufacturing stored in? And what are those enormous things going down the highway that look like giant mechanical sows looking for their piglets?

The answer: cement storage pigs.

Where there’s a need to manufacture massive amounts of concrete relatively quickly, such as on bridge construction sites, there’s a need for a cement storage pig. Cement storage pigs hold large amounts of cement or other dry bulk ingredients that go into concrete, kind of like a silo.

You can get either vertical or horizontal storage pigs, depending on what suits the location and space availability best. The vertical pigs take less space. Horizontal pigs are mobile and may be moved around the job site. They can be either full or empty when transported to the job site, cement storage pigs can hold up to 140 tons of dry bulk material, which is handy for keeping a steady supply of materials on hand for the constant production and use of concrete.

So where do pigs come from? (Or, where can you get a pig?)

Transportation companies dedicated to filling your bulk hauling needs, like CCC Transportation in the southeast US, can get the pigs you need and deliver your bulk materials as well. We have a pig leasing program for short-term jobs that require you to have more of the dry bulk materials on hand quickly.

Contact CCC Transportation today to learn how we can meet your dry bulk hauling and storage needs. We are committed to serving all of your dry bulk needs in the southeast US, particularly in Florida.

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