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Whether you are shipping bulk cement, clay, or industrial minerals, you have to maintain a steady supply to your customers. They depend upon your fleet, and drivers to keep them stocked with the materials they need to remain productive. Whether you run one, or ten, private fleet trucks on a daily basis, you, and your customers, may well benefit from outsourcing all, or part, of your logistics needs to a 3PL. But, first, it’s important to understand the difference between customized vs turnkey dedicated fleets in the dry bulk trucking industry.

Customized Fleets

A customized fleet can supplement, or replace an existing private fleet. In some cases, custom equipment can be implemented to your exacting standards. The trucks, and trailers are branded to ensure your image remains coherent. This process takes time; it’s not an instant solution. However, once implemented, customized fleets give you complete control over your transportation costs, simplifies your accounting, removes assets from your holdings, reduces your workforce and increases the amount of capital you have available.

Turnkey Dedicated Fleets

Similar to a custom fleet, a turnkey dedicated fleet can add to, or take over for, a private fleet. In addition, it helps maintain your logistics budget, reduces on-the-books assets, employees and frees up your money. You’ll also have access to product tracking technology, regulatory compliance assurances, and complete scheduling and dispatching services. The amount of time, and money, it takes to build this type of system in a private fleet is out of reach for smaller businesses. However, with a turnkey dedicated fleet, just about any business can gain the competitive edge that these technologies and features provide.

Making the Choice

At some point, business owners have to take a step back to evaluate the financial fitness of the organization. One area that needs and especially close look is logistics. Whether it’s a private fleet or an outsourced fleet that is relied upon, costs, productivity and long-term viability should be considered. In most cases, outsourcing is the most effective option, whether through a customized, or a turnkey dedicated fleet. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, therefore, it is important to evaluate your current situation and your future needs, to determine the right course for your company.

At CCC Transportation, we specialize in providing bulk trucking options for companies of all sizes. Contact us to learn more about customized and turnkey dedicated fleets, or your specific equipment, and driver needs. Our experts welcome the opportunity to work with you to create an efficient, cost-effective and productive fleet that you can be proud of.

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