Cement Transportation: What You May Not Know

Posted by on Friday, May 23, 2014 in News

What do you picture when someone says “cement transportation”? Most likely, If you’re not in the industry, your mind immediately goes to a big cement mixer truck humming down the highway. However, the story of cement transportation begins on a much smaller scale. Really small.

The cement journey begins at the plant. Cement plants produce a dry cement powder out of gypsum, shale and limestone that gets shipped to distributors. (For a full description of how cement is made, check out our blog post on the subject.) Sometimes, the dry bulk cement is sent straight on to concrete product plants or even to ready mix plants. Otherwise, cement distributors enlist the help of ships or barges to haul the cement via waterways.

When the powdered cement is ready for delivery, manufacturers hire specialized dry bulk transporters to bring the powdered cement to the build site. After all, getting your product to your customers is the whole point. When a construction boom is on, fabricators and builders cannot wait. They need what they need when they need it. And they need it with quality intact, as the integrity of the structures it will be used to build depends on it.

Imagine how disappointed these people are whenever they receive damaged cargo. Let’s face it; moisture in the transport process is the enemy. Cement leaving the production site is often intensely hot. If you try to haul the cargo when it is too hot, it releases vapor. The result is water damaged cargo that must be rejected– a frustrating loss of time and money

It is not as if cement is the most expensive product used in construction. As a bulk product, cement is a terrific value. When used properly, it is durable, nonflammable, dependable and an excellent bargain for the end-user.

However, overblown transportation costs can inflate the price of cement and cement products. With dependable, reliable and timely transportation, moving cement should not break the budget. And it always pays to have your cement transported by people who know what they are doing. As the premier dry bulk cement carrier in Florida with nearly 60 years of experience under our belt, we can confidently promise superior service, dedication and above all, on-time delivery. Because as our founder, Guy Bostick, said “There was no telling cement manufacturers that we didn’t have a truck to deliver a load. You’d cover that load regardless, some way or another. We never told them no.”

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