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Nothing is more frustrating, or costly, than having to wait for the supplies your crew needs to keep working the job at hand. Your clients aren’t interested in hearing excuses; they only care about the expedient completion of projects. One way to assure that your construction project stays on schedule is to use cement storage pigs rather than standard cement storage silos.

What Is a Cement Storage Pig?

A cement storage pig is a horizontal silo that bears a striking resemblance to its namesake, the pig. Cement is pumped in via pneumatic hoses, transported to the site and then removed using the same technique. They are transported to, and around the job site using a semi tractor. Due to their portability, they are often used at large-scale construction projects where a huge volume of cement will be needed.

Increased Storage Capacity

A standard, upright storage silo has the capacity to hold between 20-80 tons of cement. While that’s certainly an adequate volume to satisfy the needs of a building contractor, it’s not enough for a public works project. A cement storage pig, on the other hand, holds up to 140 tons of cement. With nearly double the capacity of an upright silo, they are the ideal solution for building highways, bridges, dams, airport runways and other construction projects of immense size.

Conveniently Portable

Most large-scale projects cover a vast amount of ground; therefore, it is imperative that every piece of equipment has the ability to be moved. Since these types of projects are fast moving, storage silos are simply impractical since they are not convenient to move. However, storage pigs offer the distinct advantage of being able to be moved from one location to the other in short order. That means projects can keep moving along at a steady pace, without delay.

Scalable and Flexible

Every project has its own unique set of requirements. Some will be short-term and require only one or two cement storage pigs. Others are long-term and will require multiple pigs, and multiple refills, in order to reach completion. When you partner with CCC Transportation for your storage pig needs, you’re partnering with an industry leader. With twenty pigs and both long and short-term leases available, you can rest assured that your needs will be met, both in volume and time frame.

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