Cement is Our Foundation

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CCC is proud to be one of the premier dry bulk cement carriers in Florida and the Southeast. Since 1955, we’ve been transporting cement to build sites across the state, forming long-term partnerships with major cement companies like General Portland, LeHigh Portland and Ideal Cement.

When we entered the cement industry, rail was the primary method of transport. In fact, most construction companies wouldn’t even consider having cement delivered by truck. Eventually, we won them over by offering better service at a much lower price.

“We could deliver cement for a fraction of the railroad costs. A railcar going from Tampa to Auburndale was about $350. We’d truck it for $50 or $60. At first, cement companies wouldn’t even talk to a trucker about hauling. Later on, they wised up.” – Guy Bostick

In the end, cement was what revolutionized our business. Construction companies responded to our dedication to superior service and soon, we dominated the Florida cement industry. Now, we deliver cement, fly ash, slag sand and lime to the entire Southeast every day. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be profiling some of our favorite projects. From the city of Port Charlotte to Raymond James Stadium, we’re proud of the mark we’ve made on Florida history.

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