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Posted by on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 in News

At CCC, we’re all about staying CONNECTED to what matters most, delivering everything from cement and dry goods to news from the road. That’s why we love partnering with Trucker Buddy International – a nonprofit organization founded in 1992 to connect elementary school children with a “trucker buddy” mentor. Trucker buddies usually become pen pals with an entire class, sharing stories from the road on a weekly basis. Many teachers love the program, using it as a way to enhance their lessons and broaden their students understanding of not only the trucking industry, but the United States as well.


Our own CCC PODS driver “Miss Angela” became the beloved Trucker Buddy for Healthy Learning Academy’s 4th grade class in Newberry, Florida. Over the year, she shared emails, photos, postcards and even state coloring books collected on her OTR route.

Ms. Warnock’s 4th grade class even had the pleasure of meeting Miss Angela in person. The children had the opportunity to explore Miss Angela’s home away from home, look under the hood and learn the basics of a truck. As evidenced by the hundreds of enthusiastic cards Miss Angela has received throughout the year, the students truly enjoyed their Trucker Buddy correspondence.

“The students could not stop talking about their day with our Trucker Buddy. Some of them even wrote her visit as their most memorable 4th grade moment. Each time a post card comes now we remember our special day and would like to thank you for helping make it possible.” – Ms. Warnock, 4th grade teacher from Healthy Learning Academy.

Click here to read more about the Trucker Buddy program and learn how you can get involved.

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