Those who had trucking careers in the 1950’s and 1960’s were considered the last great pioneers, carving their way through America’s vast, beautiful landscapes. In those days, truckers were referred to as “knights of the road,” and were considered free-spirited and hardworking individuals. Though the industry was dominated by men, women began taking the helm and were regarded as tough, no-nonsense and passionate about their craft.

It was during the late 1940’s that films like They Drive By Night, starring Humphrey Bogart, began to appear. They artfully portrayed the true spirit of the new American cowboy, dedicated to getting important goods from destination to destination safely and on schedule.

In the 1950’s, truckers were frequently considered road angels, often helping stranded travelers and aiding those with car trouble. They were depicted as a beacon for those facing the long and often desolate winding roads to the west and south.

In the 1960’s, “Six Days on the Road,” was written by country western singer, Dave Dudley. Country music historian and bestselling author Bill Malone once noted that the song “effectively captured both the boredom and the excitement, as well as the swaggering masculinity, that often accompanied long distance trucking.” Malone went on to note that out of any industry in the U.S., trucking was the most depicted in country music, surpassing that of the coal man, steel man, railroad worker and the cowboy.

As time has passed, pop culture’s view of the trucker has not changed much. He or she is still depicted as the ideal image of a hard working American man or woman. The trucker is also still a symbol of freedom and adventure, the perfect occupational match for the ever-wandering American spirit.

During this pivotal time in our country’s history, CCC was born. We at CCC continue to maintain the American ideal of the trucker, honoring the true unsung road warriors of the past and present. Please contact us for more information about how our dedicated and dependable staff and fleet members can help your business truly excel.

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