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Benefits of Power Only Carrier Service

Posted by on Thursday, February 4, 2016 in Dedicated Fleets, Logistics, News

power only daycab truck from ccc transportation

Power-only solutions save you from logistics management headaches. “Power-only” refers to the fact that to move your product, whatever it is, you only need to find the “power” or the truck to do it. Your trailers are owned by your company, maintained by your company, and filled by your company. You go to a power-only trucking company for the “power” and there you find the rig and driver that can transport your particular load. This saves headaches and down time.

All you are required to do is keep your trailers maintained. You do have to consider proper weight limitations and keep those in line with state and federal regulations. But you do not need to maintain the truck. You do not need to insure it. You do not need to train the driver. That is taken care of by the trucking company.

There is a huge benefit in not having to vet the driver. The driver will have the appropriate training and class license for whatever run you need. Since he represents his employer, the trucking company, on various runs for various companies, you can count on a quality individual who will get the job done right and on time. After all, he is the calling card for the trucking company he represents.

During any slower seasons, you do not have to worry about a rig that is parked and not making you any money. During busy seasons, such as Christmas for a retail store, you can simply fill more of your own trailers and hire more trucks to pull them. Then, when the seasonal demand decreases, you can cut back to your normal operations.

Power-only solutions work just as well for a one-time-only load to a protracted season of several weeks or several months. There are day cabs available for short, regional or drayage work. There are sleeper cabs for long hauls. You are in charge of what you need and you stay in communication with the trucking company. The trucking company, in turn, can discuss your needs and find the perfect solution. You do not need to maintain several types of rigs for varying size loads. All you need to do is own, maintain, and fill the trailers.

Especially if your business is seasonal, or you have limited yard size to park rigs or if you just don’t want the headache of dealing with them, power-only solutions might your transportation answer.

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