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By definition, industrial minerals are minerals mined for their commercial value, and are not sources of fuels or metals. These materials can either be used in their natural state, or further processed for a variety of other applications.


This gritty naturally occurring material has one of the longest lists of use when compared to other materials. It is right at home in agricultural industries as sandy soils provide an excellent environment to grow crops such as watermelons, peanuts, and peaches. Additionally, sand is the main component in glass making, mortar, concrete, and sandblasting projects.


Clay is one of the oldest building materials next to other naturally occurring materials such as stone and wood. However, it has many uses outside of building material. Bricks of dense clay make effective barriers for isolating radioactive wastes. It also makes for effective barriers in landfills and mining operations, preventing material from seeping into and contaminating nearby groundwater. It is also used as a natural sealant in many drilling operations.


Industrial lime is acquired from the grinding of limestone rock. The ground limestone can be used as is or calcinated. The calcination saps the carbon dioxide from the limestone, and it can then be pulverized or ground to create powdered quicklime. Lime in many forms finds its way into concrete, mortar, asphalt, soil conditioner, plastics, toothpaste, plastics, and more.


Slag is a term used to describe a wide range of waste material generated from the smelting of metals. Slag occurs when metal contaminates are smelted then rise to the surface of the molten metal. As the slag is channeled away from the metal, water is poured over it to induce a chemical reaction. It then enters an agitation tank where it cools further and granulates into a material similar to sand. From there, it can be transported to grinding facilities or bagged to be sold as is. Slag finds its way into the production of glass, and even into a type of natural insulation known as slag wool. However, the main use of slag is in construction.

Every day, thousands of pounds of these industrial minerals are used all over the country. As you can imagine, the transportation demands of these materials are high. At CCC Transportation, we excel at dry bulk material transportation. If you would like to know more about our services or the various materials we haul, we welcome you to contact us.

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