An Overview of SmartWay-verified Devices

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The SmartWay program is a program initiated and run by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). The goal of the program is to reduce emissions from freight transport fleets. The EPA has established performance criteria and reviews test data from devices, vehicles, and equipment. As such, the EPA has verified that certain devices are “SmartWay-verified”, namely, able to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. These devices can be categorized as:

  • Aerodynamic Technologies
  • Idle Reduction Technologies
  • Low Rolling Resistance Tires
  • Retrofit Technologies

For information about how manufacturers can get their devices verified as “SmartWay”, see the EPA’s FAQ website.

Tractors and trailers can be designated as “SmartWay” as well, if they are fully equipped with the appropriate devices. The tractor must have low-rolling resistance tires, modifications to improve aerodynamics, and idle-reduction equipment. The trailer must be equipped with devices to improve aerodynamics and low-rolling resistance tires.

Low-rolling resistance tires improve fuel efficiency by reducing the amount of energy necessary to get them to roll. Tires resist rolling because they bend and stretch as they get moved to and from supporting the weight of the truck (from flattened against the ground to round again up in the air).

Devices that improve aerodynamics reduce the amount of air the truck has to push out of the way as it moves forward, thus reducing the amount of fuel burned. Aerodynamic devices include gap reducers, side fairings, rear fairings, special tractor profiles, and special mirror designs.

Idle reduction technologies allow the driver to shut off the main truck engine without cutting off “life support” devices for the driver. Thus, the driver can maintain electricity and temperature control of the cab without having to run the entire engine and waste fuel in doing so.

The EPA’s SmartWay Partners program is a voluntary, win-win situation. Trucking companies that use SmartWay technologies can reduce their fuel costs, and at the same time help reduce pollution.

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