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The various tractor trailer combos offered by CCC Transportation

Manufacturers’ products are transported across the region, or across the country, via trucks and trailers every day. While some of these companies use their own, private fleet for deliveries, others choose to outsource this task to logistics specialists. However, not all carriers are created equally. Some do not offer nationwide coverage, and instead only offer local, or short-haul services. Others are part of a nationwide carrier network, which offers shippers three major advantages.

Variety of Available Vehicles

One of the major benefits of partnering with a carrier associated with a nationwide network is the fact that they have access to a variety of trucks and trailers. Whether a shipper’s products require shipment via dry van, reefer truck, flatbed, tanker, or a special dry bulk trailer, they have the equipment ready and waiting. This type of flexibility allows producers to produce and ship a larger variety of products without investing in a large fleet.

Long-haul and Short-haul Capabilities

Another huge advantage is that a nationwide carrier network offers both long and short-haul options to their customers. Very often, the reason this is possible is because the network consists of multiple logistics companies and several trucking companies, which serve a variety of terminals. Cargo is easily transferred from one trucking company, or to another logistics provider within the network. Although they all work as separate entities, they work together seamlessly to provide services.

Experience and Expertise

Perhaps the most important benefit shippers receive from partnering with a nationwide carrier network is their combined experience and expertise. Odds are that no matter what type of products are being shipped, somewhere within the network, there is an expert waiting to handle the load. What’s more, drivers and logistics managers are highly experienced in regulatory compliance and they are extremely safety conscious. Shippers, therefore, have the ability to focus their attentions on the growth and expansion of their own businesses.

Manufacturers and producers of all types and sizes rely upon truck drivers to transport their products every day. Those that choose to partner with a well-connected nationwide carrier network realize a significant advantage over those that do not. Having access to a variety of fleet vehicles, long and short-haul options and experienced experts makes them more competitive, and increases their potential for success in the long run.

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