A Florida Trucking Company’s Least Favorite Bug: The Lovebug

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We all know that bugs can be a hassle while driving. A recent National Geographic article discussed several of the more bizarre instances in which insects were the cause of accidents. In one case, Toyota was forced to recall almost one million cars because of spiders building their webs in the cars’ air conditioners, eventually triggering a short circuit. Another story involved a swarm of mayflies that caused a head-on collision in Minnesota after forming a slick layer on the road that was several inches thick.

In our home state of Florida, lovebugs can pose a similar threat. During peak mating months of April-May and August-September, lovebugs become a notorious pest to the transportation industry here in the Southeast. They plaster our roadways – decreasing visibility, stripping the paint off of vehicles and even clogging radiators. In rare cases, air passages can become so full of dead insects that the engine will overheat.

Thankfully, bugs are typically more of a nuisance than a danger. While they may cause our trucks to arrive at their location less than sparkling clean, they’ll never stop us from hauling our load to where it needs to go.

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