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6 Benefits of Using a Carrier Network

Posted by on Thursday, April 7, 2016 in Dedicated Fleets, Logistics, News

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A carrier network is a group of trucking and shipping companies that work together to manage your shipping concerns. This provides unique benefits to the savvy business owner: from high quality individual companies to larger operations to meet unique or national/international needs.

The following list shows both the benefits of a great shipping alliance as well as what you should expect from individual shipping companies and their larger partnerships with carrier networks.

Unique Specialty Trucks

Whether you need them for one run or many, specialty trucks are essential parts of many businesses. Some of the specialty trucks your business may need to use include chemical transport, oversize loads, refrigerated trailers, and dry bulk. The vast diversity of possible shipping situations a business will face in its lifetime demand a partnership with a shipping company as a part of a larger carrier network. Since a single trucking or logistics company rarely provides all the specialized services, and even more rarely does them well, a carrier network meets your unique needs whenever they arise.

Multiple Destinations

Logistics companies specialize in location: a driver who excels on the streets of Miami will likely feel lost if trying to navigate the Appalachian roads of Georgia, Virginia or Pennsylvania. A carrier network provides contacts with shipping concerns who understand the area you need to ship items to or from, no matter the region. Great carrier networks bring together great companies across multiple locations. This saves both time and money in permit costs, shipping times, equipment handling and more.

Cross-Dock Warehousing

Warehousing is an important part of a shipping concern. Some product needs to be shipped to a logistics partner in large batches, stored long-term, and then sent to customers in smaller batches. This is traditional warehousing. Other product requires faster turnaround times in batches that go directly to the customers as they order it. This type of inventory and product requires cross-dock warehousing: the shipping partner will take your product off of one truck and be able to load the outgoing truck with minimal storage time.

Carrier networks increase the capability for cross-docking, because there will be carrier partners in the shipping alliance who specialize in JIT inventory management for specific products and business customers. Rather than seeking one shipping partner who does all things reasonably well, a carrier network gives you a group of partners, each one of which are exceptional at shipping systems your business needs.

Fleet-wide Inventory Management

Carrier networks utilize the best of inventory management systems and technologies to integrate management across the entire network. This reduces confusion and delay caused by disparate shipping teams working together on larger products.

The following benefits show the indirect benefits you get through choosing a shipping partner who is part of a larger carrier network. Because of the specialization and unique business systems of each carrier in the network, your specific logistics partner will provide dedicated fleets and shared backhaul revenue.

Dedicated Fleets

A carrier network frees up your individual shipping partner to manage dedicated fleets for customer’s larger needs. Rather than investing the capital and training into a diversified team of drivers, your shipping partner can work with you in building a fleet of trucks and drivers dedicated to your specific shipping needs.

Shared Backhaul Revenue

Because a dedicated fleet focuses on a single business, the revenue earned from the return trips can be shared with the shipping company’s customer, you. This is only possible when your shipping partner’s finances and energy are freed up from other concerns through a carrier alliance.

Great shipping partners have their own carrier networks to guarantee that your needs are met every time. Whether you need dry bulk, dedicated shipping, or even refrigerated transport, a great carrier network will be able to meet all your business needs.

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