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Dry van transportation is one of the most common methods of transportation in use for shipping freight. Because the vans are sealed, the product inside them is protected from moisture, from theft, from direct sunlight, and from the wind.

Although many different industries and business types use dry van shipping, the following are five companies who benefit from the advantages of dry van freight over other methods traditionally available to them.

Online Retailers

Successful startup online retailers often end up with a business that quickly “ate their garage.” While those companies that offer hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of product may not have or desire the infrastructure to maintain a traditional distribution network.

Both these businesses may have started through using common carriers such as FedEX, UPS or the Postal Service, but they find that they are now shipping too much, storing too much inventory, and managing a distribution chain instead of their core business process.

For these companies, dry van shipping not only offers a way to get product throughout their target area, but is an integrated part of a total 3rd party logistics partnership.

Fashion Retail Stores

Fashion is one of the industries which is still benefited by store-front retail systems. Although the big box stores have a corner on the market in terms of sheer volume, many people buying clothes and accessories desire a more tailored experience and product than large corporations provide. For these customers, many store-front clothiers and other retailers are growing to fill the niche, but the shipping arrangements of this growing industry often leave something to be desired. Store-front fashion retail companies have regular needs to move inventory and store inventory between their various sites; these businesses do not specialize in storage and distribution of inventory, but in the creation of a design and brand that customers love. For fashion retailers, trucking logistics as part of a dedicated network with inventory warehousing is an excellent system to reduce costs and increase quality. Rather than specializing in getting material to the store-fronts, management can safely ship inventory to multiple store fronts in TL or part of a consolidated LTL truckload to save money while increasing quality.

Technology Retail Stores

As mobile technology grows, 3rd party retailers also grow. From smartphones and wearable technologies to data and app plans, many businesses are offering systematized service and sales through storefronts for people’s technology needs. For many of these businesses, traditional inventory management systems are inadequate to deliver the right products to the right stores at the right time. A 3rd party trucking logistics partner will give technology retailers high quality shipping management systems with the capability to manage multiple inventory sources through cross-docking. Streamlined order processes save money and time, allowing technology retailers to focus on their core services.


Farmers often function as producers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. With so many hats to wear, outsourcing inventory management to a logistics partner is the best way to control quality in inventory handling. Dry van shipping for pallet seed distribution, different temperatures of refrigerated shipping for meats and foliage, and tank trucks for bulk seeds and grains, as well as liquid shipping for chemical fertilizers and other agents used in manufacturing. The ideal trucking logistics partner for large farms will be part of a carrier network with multiple specialties so that the trucking partner will be able to provide or broker provision for all the farmer’s needs.


Wholesalers, or resellers to businesses, are not technically retailers, but they have the greatest need for a third party trucking logistics partner. Since wholesalers focus on moving large amounts of inventory to their customers, a trucking partner can provide the dedicated fleets necessary to ensure that regular deliveries are on time and safely handled.

These 5 categories of businesses all benefit from the advantages of TL and LTL shipping from a dry van trucking company and logistics partner. Contact us today for more information on shipping, dedicated trucking fleets, and complete 3rd party logistics systems.

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